Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers, LLC was formed as a legal entity in the State of Florida with the intention of competing in the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE. We are currently seeking college students and faculty members who are interested in participating in the contest. We have a particular need for expertise in the areas of mechanical engineering, computer programming, robotics, marketing, and business. The overall team will consist of 20 – 30 individuals across multiple disciplines. The team will be subdivided into smaller teams to concentrate on specific components that will be incorporated into the larger project.

The Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE represents a cutting edge challenge for undersea robotics. There is little doubt that team members participating in this project will be exposed to valuable skills and information that will be of significant benefit to them no matter what their career choice may be. Participation in this contest will require a significant commitment of time and effort which should be taken into consideration before volunteering to participate. Nevertheless, participation is open to anyone who is willing to work hard and to learn the necessary skills to contribute to the team.

Team Members

  • Ed Larson
  • Art Ianuzzi
  • Chuck Begian
  • David Meiller
  • Rich Clark
  • Dexter Bautista
  • Ian Blenke
  • Scott Brown
  • Paul Stevenson

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