Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers, LLC was formed as a legal entity in the State of Florida with the intention of competing in the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE. We have now finished this contest and have been awarded second place. Judges were impressed with out ability to work within a very small budget as well as show our ability to create new ways of performing functions required to compete.

We are currently seeking college students and faculty members who are interested in participating in moving our product to the next stage and providing a marketable product what will be able to meet a minimal cost window for universities, municipalities, and government entities. We have an immediate need for a person familiar with programming software that is using SLAM and the Jetson Nano. We are in the early stages of building a team with individuals with talent across multiple disciplines. The XPRIZE foundation currently has some distinct needs for ocean mapping. It is our desire to participate in these programs in order to obtain additional funding and to solve a problem of missing information about the ocean floor.

The Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE represents a cutting edge challenge for undersea robotics. There is little doubt that team members participating in this project will be exposed to valuable skills and information that will be of significant benefit to them no matter what their career choice may be. Participation in this contest will require a significant commitment of time and effort which should be taken into consideration before volunteering to participate. Nevertheless, participation is open to anyone who is willing to work hard and to learn the necessary skills to contribute to the team.

Current Team Members

  • Ed Larson
  • Dennis Lorence
  • Joe Daum
  • Chuck Begian

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