Barracuda Mark I

The Barracuda AUV is designed to provide a cost-effective, subsurface vehicle for interdiction, identification, and interception/escort of friendly or hostile divers.

Ghost Shark

The Ghost Shark is a deep-water AUV capable of mapping the ocean bottom to to a resolution of five meters horizontally and one-half meter vertically.  The design originated as the submission of Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers to the Shelll Ocean Discovery XPRIZE.


TOX-SEA is a technology demonstrator that we are currently using to define the UAVs that will be used in the competition. While TOX-SEA is not capable of descending to the depths that are required to compete, she has all of the same computer hardware that the finished UAVs will have. This makes here a valuable platform for writing and debugging the code that will be used in the competition.

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